Freedom Evenings

1st and 3rd Sundays of Every Month

Thank you for checking us out. You are here because you spoke to someone, or you picked up a leaflet, or you have seen us online.

I know that you have been wondering about something greater. Deep down you've always known there is something bigger and better than this life. 

You have tried everything. Including the Church. You've never found answers. You've never connected. There is a reason for that. 

They didn't show you how beautiful Jesus is.

Freedom WORSHIP is unlike anything you'll ever experience. We sing and praise like nothing you've ever seen, we really, really worship.  We relax too, on comfortable sofa's with fresh coffee and free food. We pray, and we have the flexibility to move around, dance, and respond.  This is a new way of doing church.

Are you free? This is your invitation.
Don't refuse it.

Sunday 5th May from 6:30pm

Preacher: Rev. Candido Marinho

Sunday 19th May from 6:30pm

Preacher: Andrew McKendry